Our main cruising area is the Saronic Gulf. This exciting area can provide us with a variety of conditions depending on the course and the crew competence. The weather is generally good and in the summer the land breezes dominate and that makes a very interesting sailing ground even for the less skilled sailors.

With many islands and harbours on the mainland you will have a variety of places to choose from and lots of history too. The short distances will give students time to try their skills in 2-3 different harbours every day. Lunch stops are made in bays with crystal clear waters and very few can resist jumping in for a cool dip. Don't forget you're in the eastern Med!


Syros, Karavia 


For advanced courses or longer cruises we are a day sail away from the Cyclades, a group of islands in the Aegean Sea which offers exhilarating sailing conditions when the meltemi is blowing. Cruising this area will also take you to astonishing bays with miles of long sandy beaches and turquoise waters. In the evenings you will experience the Greek spirit when we dock in one of the many scenic harbours.