Sailing is not only sails, charts, winches and sheets or sailing the boat from one place to another. It is also exploring new places, laying lazy in the sun and swim in crystal clear waters or watch the stars reflecting in the water while at anchor in a pristine bay, taste the local cuisine in seaside restaurants, see monuments and learn the history of the places, socialise and enjoy nightlife and many other things that someone may think of... and a sailing yacht is an ideal platform if you know how to use it efficiently.

Did that opened your appetite for sailing holidays in Greece but you do not have enough time or money to spend for training and holiday separately? Why not combining them?

In our 2 weeks Competent Crew + Day Skipper learning holiday course, you have the opportunity to enjoy the sea, the sun, swimming and snorkelling in beautiful bays and discover the gorgeous Greek islands while learning how to sail, practice all the sailing skills and reach the Day Skipper level, if not higher, by the end of your holiday.

And next time you will now how to do it! Our instructors will show you the way things are done, afloat and ashore, so next time you will not be a complete stranger as their local knowledge will prove valuable, from interpreting local weather paterns to choosing the right restaurant, correct timing for harbours and local markets and more luxuries you cannot have on an ordinary weekly (not to mention five days) course!