Anton, Day Skipper from Russia

The best ever met instructor and skipper Vassilis gave a lot of useful information. He has a talent to teach very interesting and with humour. I'll recommend him to my friends. Thank you!

Andrey, Day Skipper from Russia

The best skipper I have ever seen. He did his best!

Markus, Day Skipper from Germany

The instructor made clear what the important aspects of the course were and conveyed the knowledge required. He was always in control, proved his competence and knew how to transport knowledge.

Ananda, Coastal Skipper from Switzerland

Having an instructor with more than 25 years of experience besides the RYA competencies was of very high value as this experience was shared during the course. Like the winds, not everything are written in a book!

Panos, Day Skipper from Greece

The Day Skipper course offers you a very big amount of theoretical and practical knowledge. Reaching the 6th day of the course I feel that all this information is taking shape and coming in an order. I wish we could have a couple of days more to practice the skills and knowledge that we received and increase the level of our confidence.