Booking terms and conditions
A booking is confirmed when we receive the online or paper booking form and the deposit. One booking form per student completed in full. Confirmation by e-mail and in written along with joining instructions will be sent as soon as payment is cleared into our account and booking form is filled.
To secure a booking a deposit of minimum 30% is required with the balance due one calendar month prior to the course start date.
For courses booked less than 30 days prior to the start date the full amount must is due.
If the balance is not paid 30 days prior to the course start date the school reserves the right to re-sale the place.
If the school cannot sell the place the whole amount is due.
A course cancelled up two calendar months prior to the start date will be refunded in total. Courses cancelled up to one calendar month prior the start date will forfeit the 30% deposit. Courses cancelled less than 30 days prior to start are liable for the full amount.
The date of cancellation is the date we receive by e-mail or post a request to cancel the course by the student
You should notify the school if you plan to arrive later than the scheduled time in the Joining Instructions. The instructor will wait for you for as long he thinks is not affecting the course.
If the course has already started you can join the boat at the next port of call and no refund will be given for the proportions lost.
If you don't appear at all you forfeit the whole amount.
The school is insured for third party liability as required but cannot be held liable for loss or damages or injury that may happen due to your negligence. Students are advised to obtain their own insurance for sickness, course fees, illness or accident on-board or any other reason the student considers. Travel insurance is also advised for any loss on course fees due to illness or injury during the course or other inability to attend the course for any reason whatsoever.
The School accepts children of any age in sail or motor cruising courses only with an accompanying adult such as parent or guardian who are responsible for the children safety, welfare and behaviour. This can be relaxed by the Principal for children over 16. Instructors are not relieved from their responsibility over their crew and should advise the parent/guardian before a dangerous situation arises as a result of inappropriate behaviour.
The instructor may decide to discuss with the parent/guardian the possibility to interrupt part or cancel the whole course if he considers that the weather conditions are going to scare the younger crew.
Children over the age of 12 can participate in Powerboat or PW courses. In that case the presence of an accompanying adult may not be possible and the responsibility for the children lies entirely with the instructors. In that case we will need a written consent from the parent/guardian in the relevant form. Instructors may decide not to run courses with children alone.
Booking forms and health declarations for children should always be singed by the parent/guardian
In accordance with our child protection policy the school will not arrange for photographs, video or other images of young people to be taken or published without the consent of the parents/guardians and children. We will abide by the Conditions of Use below. If you have any concerns about the way images are being used, you should inform the Principal immediately.
We will normally only identify a child by reference to the child's first name.
We will not use personal details or full names (ie. first name and surname) of any participant adult or child to accompany a photographic image on video, on our website, in our organisation brochure or any other electronic or printed publications without good reason. 'Good reason' includes using the full name of a child in a newsletter to organisation members if the child has won a trophy or award.
We will not include personal email or postal addresses, telephone or mobile numbers on video, on our website, in our organisation brochure or in other electronic or printed publications.
We may use group photographs or video with very general labels, such as 'Cadet Week'.
We will only use images of children who are suitably dressed, to reduce the risk of such images being used inappropriately.
Photographs or video may be used for coaching purposes or by officials during competition to illustrate incidents on the water.
Commercial sale of any form of media will be limited to the organisers or their official photographers.
Everything in this applies when an instructor comes to your own or a boat that you have chartered plus the following.
The instructor will never take charge of the vessel. The student will remain Master of the vessel and will accept all responsibility for the vessel. Seven Seas School of Yachting cannot be held liable for any loss or damage while the instructor is on-board.
It is the owners/charterers responsibility to ensure that the boat is equipped to the standard required and insured for the duration of the tuition.
Instructor's travel costs to and from the boat must be paid by the student as well as full board and accommodation in a separate cabin must be provided
If the instructor considers that the boat is unsafe to operate has the right to refuse to run the course. In that case one day tuition plus travel expenses if any will be charged.
In case of bad weather or other safety related matters instructors decision is final.
The school cannot be held liable for any delays or cancellations caused by such matters.
On all matters of the school Principal's decision is final until the skipper/instructor comes on-board. Thereafter skipper's decision is considered final at all times, in accordance with marine practice.
The students/crew must accept all orders and decisions given to them by the instructor/skipper at all times whilst on-board the school's vessel or ashore for the duration of the course, until the skipper leaves the boat at the end of the course.
Skippers authority is total 24 hours in accordance with maritime law.
If a student does not agree with a decision or an order from the skipper, must talk with them and try to find a solution. The Instructor will inform the principal. If the student still finds the decision or order unreasonable for whatever reason the skipper has the authority to take any action they consider suitable for the well being of the boat and the rest of the crew, even evacuating the complaining student in the next port of call, without any further liability of the school in any losses, delays, cancellations, costs this situation will cause to the student.
In any case the school principal will be informed by the instructor until a settlement has been found.
A complains form is available for students.
Seven Seas School of Yachting delivers high standard training and certificate will be issued to those who, according to the instructors opinion, during the course reached the desired standard as set in the RYA Instructors handbook.
That decision is final and shall be accepted by all students.
The course commences at 15.00 the first day and terminates 1700 the afternoon before the last. The students can stay on-board until 0900 the last morning.
The instructor decides the departure and arrival times during the week including the first and the last days.
Typical seven day course starts Saturday afternoon, departs from home port the same evening or next morning, and ends on Friday afternoon. The skipper might decide to return on Saturday morning before 0900 if that is convenient
The school will make any effort to offer alternative dates for any cancellations occur from its side on the planned days. If the student is not able to attend the proposed dates the rest of the 30% deposit will be refunded. No other liability shall be held against the school
If for any reason whatsoever the school cannot fulfil a booking its liability is limited to the full amount or unused proportions.
Boating is very pleasant activity but can be demanding at times. The student must make sure that they are fit to participate in the schools activities and sign a health declaration on arrival. If they are to sure they are advised no visit their doctor prior to arrival.
The school accepts no liability for any loss or damage of student's possessions while in the school's boat, piers or in any of the school grounds. The students participate in any aspect of the course at their own risk.