Learning Holidays

Sailing is not only sails, charts, winches and sheets or sailing the boat from one place to another. It is also exploring new places, laying lazy in the sun and swim in crystal clear waters or watch the stars reflecting in the water while at anchor in a pristine bay, taste the local cuisine in seaside restaurants, see monuments and learn the history of the places, socialise and enjoy nightlife and many other things that someone may think of... and a sailing yacht is an ideal platform if you know how to use it efficiently.

Did that opened your appetite for sailing holidays in Greece but you do not have enough time or money to spend for training and holiday separately? Why not combining them?

In our 2 weeks Competent Crew + Day Skipper learning holiday course, you have the opportunity to enjoy the sea, the sun, swimming and snorkelling in beautiful bays and discover the gorgeous Greek islands while learning how to sail, practice all the sailing skills and reach the Day Skipper level, if not higher, by the end of your holiday.

And next time you will now how to do it! Our instructors will show you the way things are done, afloat and ashore, so next time you will not be a complete stranger as their local knowledge will prove valuable, from interpreting local weather paterns to choosing the right restaurant, correct timing for harbours and local markets and more luxuries you cannot have on an ordinary weekly (not to mention five days) course!

Sail Racing

For those of you who wish to test your limits, for those who know the meaning of team working, for those who love the excitement of competition.

If you are a sailing enthusiast and you also look for after-race social events then this the right activity for you!

Stelios with Grasshopper, natural born sailor and Yachmaster Cruising Instructor and Telis with Chiara Jason, both with great racing palmare in their classes, together with 2 crew members will share their passion with you. And they are never far away from the podium!

We provide a Racing package which includes:

  • Yacht "Grasshopper" IMX 40 or "Chiara Jason" Grand Soleill 40
  • 2-3 Days training and team-building (depending on travelling arrangements)
  • 2 days racing with one day "rest" in between (for the weekend races)
  • Accommodation for the training days in Athens and for the nights in the destination
  • Team T-shirt and Jacket

Weekend Races

Example schedule

Tue: arrival in Athens, afternoon training

Wed-Thu: Training

Fri: Provisioning, last preparation, Race Start 16.00, Finish Sat. early morning

Sat: Rest day

Sun: Race Start 10.00 Finish in Athens late afternoon, prisegiving


Weekly Races

During the summer season there are longer more demanding races like the famous International Aegean Rally. The program depends on the race schedule but in general it is going to be of 10 days to 2 weeks duration


2014 Racing Programme


28-30/3  Ydra
11-13/4 Poros
2-4/5 Kythnos
30-1/6 Kea
7-9/6 Saronic circuit
28/6-5/7 Rally Cyclades
18-26/7 Rally Aegeou
26/7-3/8 Argosaronicos
12-14/9 Kea
24-26/10 Ydra


Own Boat Tuition

Do you own or plan to buy a boat and want to learn how she handles? You want to take your family on a charter but you want to try it first with a similar vessel? No problem!
Our instructor will join you on your own boat or on a carefully selected and approved charter boat of your choice (32ft – 50ft). We will bring all the necessary safety & teaching equipment and make sure you get high quality training.
We can offer all our courses on your own boat. Get more from the instructor as you will get more personalised training. You will not share the yacht with others, as it happens with the school boat. And you can choose the boat and the crew!


Do you wish to get the experience of long distance sailing? Looking for experience in yacht deliveries? Do you want to learn from the professionals how such a passage is planed and executed? Then this is the right trip for you. First hand experience with a professional Skipper and crew, who will introduce you to all the procedures. You will be actively involved in the sailing, watch-keeping and everyday routine. Depending on your experience and sailing knowledge you will take over some responsibilities, if you wish so.

Or you can sit back and enjoy the open seas! Experience life off-shore, and watch the stars as you have never seen them before! Read your book or listen to your favourite music while the yacht is making her way. And why not? If you take the good old sextant out you can practice your astro-navigation skills.

These trips are usually short notice and we keep this page updated. If you want to get notified when a new trip is announced please contact us


Upcoming trips:

Yacht Deliveries/Assited Sailing

Our long experience and high level of service along with our extended connections with skippers in different areas allow us to find a skipper or instructor to help you sail your boat to your dream destination or deliver it to your preferred location so you enjoy your cruise wherever you like in the world. Our skippers are all Yachtmasters Offshore or Ocean trained to the highest RYA standards and deliver tenths of brand new yachts every year for the Greek industry or private vessels to different locations all around the world. Our competitive rates and our excellent service can guarantee you peace of mind and pure cruising pleasure!